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• Joined at 70 a couple of months ago when my son, Beren, twisted my arm. The atmosphere is friendly, and the space and quality and quantity of equipment is amazing. I'm already feeling big benefits with the help of George who has given me regimes and advice appropriate to my needs and a couple of age related joint issues. So grateful to my son and the people at VAMPfit. PS. Never have a problem parking - David Nourish

• I was a member of Vamp fit just over 2 years ago for a few years, 10/10 gym, the best. Miss it so much, the people, the equipment and the general vibe of the gym. Now I’ve moved to Perth and I’m just left wishing you guys had a gym up here! Please expand your amazing services to Perth SOR!! - Ashleigh Espinos

• "It is 24 hours, it's clean and organised, helpful and friendly staff, meet new people.. best and heaps of different machines, and its affordable!!" Neryne Moore

• "Vamp fit you guys are awesome!! Thank you so much for allowing the Amazing Race to experience your gym :)" Bryony Hempel

• "Last week I had my appraisal with Claire and I'm so thrilled and impressed with how much information she could provide me with! From exercise ideas, to nutrition and dieting properly! Claire is very encouraging and motivating! When you walk into the room with her she gives you a "let it all out" feeling about my fails and my faults and how I can take baby steps to improve on them in a positive, effective manner. She designed me a program that will target my conscious areas and not only that, she actually cared and wants to see me succeed in my journey to a healthier lifestyle!" Courtnie Tosana

• "I've been to gyms all over Australia and never been to a gym like vamp, the staff are great, it's bright with a good vibe and makes you want to go, has everything you would want and need, go there anytime, also never been to a gym where the owner will go out of his way to show you around, get to know you, show you what products would work for you, that man is all about his members. EXCELLENT GYM!" Luke Haeren

• "Vamp for easily is the best gym, in Perth I've been to them all. I feel very motivated from the second I walk in staff are very friendly and willing to help at all times, the machines are best of quality and the big man joe is the coolest gym instructor around man!!! Oh yea and the picture of the Incredible Hulk graffiti on the wall kicks ass! Don't call me Stephen May, its hulk may now after vamp fit - thank you guys". Stephen May

• "These new stair masters are bloody amazing thanks guys!!! Never disappointed at vampfit!!!" Jenna Murray

• "Hi guys!!! Just a quick note to say THANKYOU!!!! Why?? I choose Vamp because I am extremely busy, two jobs leaves me only able To go to the gym Really like such as 11 o'clock at night, But now I’ve been going for a while I highly recommend it to anyone who asks for the simple reason that you guys care about your customers, I can guarantee every time that I come to the gym the equipment will be in top-notch condition and if it's not, By the next day it's either fixed or there is a brand-new one in its place, Thank you again and keep up the good work!!!!!" Daniel Singleton

• "Best gym in Bunbury, wicked staff and a great place to get fit and a great vibe. If ya wanna get fit come down and have a look" Fred Weaver

• "After you've experienced it.. you'll be writing on here!" Kirsty Hester

• "I would honestly like to at a BIG thank you to EVERYONE at Vamp Fit, your staff are amazing! And so nice. They have greeted me every time I come in and leave! I have never been to a gym where people are so warm and welcoming and honestly so happy a joy in what they are doing. I am coming I every week day besides Friday and also come in on a Saturday morning! I have seen a MASSIVE difference in my body already and I'm pleased and so happy! You guys are amazing! I have got some of my other friends to come in and they have joined and stuff! :) so I'm happy with that! Thank you for being such great amazing people! Will see you tomorrow! :) thank you." Brody Collier

• "My 5 week holiday is almost up. 1 workout left, then back to the East. l have very much enjoyed coming to Vamp, love the atmosphere and the well maintained facilities. It is great to be at a gym where the staff are enthusiastic and very passionate about what they do. Look forward to visiting again in June. Thanks." Judy Anderson

• "With another appraisal day and measurements and drop down from 12 to 9 percent body fat and more muscle growth, all thanks to the awesome crew at Vamp Fit" Tristan Maslin

• "I like vamp fit it is a good place to meet people. The staff are excellent & help you out a lot" Sue Sorrell

• "When I first joined vamp I weighed 70 kg and 61 of that was muscle. Now after 3 months of consistent work outs I have better muscle definition and weigh 78 kg 71 of it being muscle mass. I appreciate what joining vamp has done and will continue to do me. Thanks guys" Mathew Sims

• "Yesterday i tried out the CX30 class with Nancy and Steve. I thought, most probably like most people, 30mins easy. Well i'll be the first to say it was not easy it challenged me and my fitness level. And today i feel like i've done a full Pump class. What an awesome class and will definitely be doing it again. I reckon everyone should give it ago!!!" Janeen Sexton

• "Great GRIT class tonight :) Albie sure knows how to support and motivate everyone!" Tara Lambert

• Oh yeah baby! 6 weeks at Vamp = 6kgs of fat shed & 3kgs of muscle gained! Thank you very much!!! ;) Kath La Nauze

• "Guys if u r eva in the South West and need to get ur lift on go to Vamp Fit in Bunbury. 65kg DB's, Hammer Strength and friendly staff. U won't be disappointed". Zach 'Hunter' Kozyrski

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