Personal Trainers

Irrespective of your age or fitness ability, a Personal Trainer (PT) can provide you with the motivation, advice and encouragement that will give your workouts an amazing boost and help you achieve your personal goals. Whether you need some extra help training for an event, an upcoming holiday or for a longer term arrangement, having your own trainer is the best way to achieve these sooner. It's not just about what you can achieve in the gym. Your trainer can also provide advice on nutrition and lifestyle changes, all geared to helping you achieve your goals faster.

Q: What Qualifications Do Our Trainers Have? A: All Vamp Fit Personal Trainers are registered with Fitness Australia and are Certificate 4 qualified. They all undertake continued training to ensure they follow the latest thinking and specialist knowledge available. Q: What Can A Personal Trainer Do For Me? A: Whatever your goals and objectives, our trainers will spend time getting to know you and design a programme to best achieve your individual needs.

Qualified Personal Trainers

Qualified PT's

Vamp Fit Personal Trainers can help you with:

  • Weight loss
  • Building muscle.
  • General fitness.
  • Increase performance.

Individual Approach

If you're serious about working out, it's so much easier with a Personal Trainer.

  • Gaining greater confidence.
  • Improving self esteem.
  • Rehabilitation from injury.

Modern Fitness Equipment

Make Your Workouts Really Work Out For You.

Imagine having your own trainer (We have both male and female) to motivate you, push and encourage you and ensure that you're focusing on the right areas & have more fun!